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Creed Stonegate feeling no pain at a Halloween party!
This site isn't about me, and for the longest time I only had my name on here and nothing else. If I talk about myself anywhere on the site, it's just to show where I'm coming from with my opinion. But for the crash course on the creator of, here goes. I'm Canadian, from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I'm a very liberal, pro-people, pro freedom kind of guy. I hate government, the cops, religion and bad movies, we'd be better off without them all. I'm an artist, and the last few years my art has changed from pen and ink to this site. All the layout, opinions and graphics here are done completely by me. I started this site over ten years ago as a list of my favorite stuff. On the very first day, it wasn't much more than the Superman logo, an animated Felix The Cat and a big blinking "Under Construction" sign. I hope you come across a show or movie here that you havent seen and give it a look. You might find a new favorite. You'll notice there's a lot of stuff for sale on the site now. Now I'm no fan of making everything commercial, but I think everything for sale here is really cool. I either have or want a lot of the stuff myself. Plus it all helps cover hosting costs and new stuff to add to the site. I don't post my email online anymore after I had to dump my old one because of spam. But if you want to give me a shout just use the Message Board, I get an e-mail when something's posted.

Have a good one!